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Office of Legal Residency

The Office of Legal Residency exists to assist parents and students when having to prove South Carolina resident status. This occurs when the Admissions Office has reason to question a student’s state residency, or if a student wishes to apply for in-state classification after attending the College of Charleston as an out-of-state student.

The College of Charleston is mandated by state law to verify a student’s residency before the student can be granted in-state status and tuition. The initial residency classification is determined at the time of admission.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: July 1 (Fall) and November 1 (Spring). Deadline for Maymester and Summer Sessions is two weeks prior to the official first day of class. All documentation must be completed by the official first day of class or application will be denied for that semester.

Students may be eligible for in-state tuition under the three following provisions: 

  1. the student is the dependent of a parent or spouse who has established the residency in SC;
  2. the student has become (financially) independent from their parents and established their own residency in the state; or
  3. the student is active military stationed in SC or the dependent of an active military member who is stationed in the state or claims SC as his or her state of legal residence. See residency requirements for more information.

The Dependent, Independent, and Military residency application forms are available for parents and students under the “Applications and Forms” link.

Reciprocity for tuition is only given to international Sister-State agreement programs. Please reference the below memo for current Sister-States eligible for the non-resident fee waiver:   

Sister-State Agreement Memo

 Please contact Brea Roy if you have specific questions on how a student might be eligible to receive in-state status for tuition purposes.

Please call (843-953-7312) or email to make an appointment to speak with the residency officer concerning residency requirements and eligibility.

For more Information visit: SC Residency Code of Laws.